Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday, What I Love....

Well according to my list that I made up yesterday, today is What I Love Wednesday.  Which means, in shorthand or small talk or Hez speak, I will be featuring fellow bloggers and crafters that I happen to lurve.  I think in this day and age of immediate attention that the internet garners, it's important to stop and recognize people who are getting it right or doing it well.

Also, I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but October is National Bullying Month.  So, if a month was ever more appropriate to highlight things you love, now is it.


It's all about the love, folks.

And here we go with my first feature blogger:

Posie Gets Cozy is a comfy corner of the internets that I love visiting as much as possible.  Alicia Paulson has been doing this blogging thing and doing it well for many years now.  Her site includes gorgeous pictures of her pets and hubby, Andy, along with her sewing/knitting/crocheting projects in addition to the many home improvement projects that they have done to their cottage-like home.  Though she lives in the Pacific Northwest, their world is far from gray and dreary.

She bakes. 

She sews.

Her sewing haven. 

I am absolutely in love with those red gingham curtains and valances.  They just ... I just can't even.  I can imagine that lovely shade of blue on the walls in my home in maybe one of the girls' rooms.  Eitherway, Alicia and Andy have made a haven in their Portland home (In and Out of doors - check out her garden and back yard - amazing).

Stop in and visit her site.  It's like knocking on the back door of a good friends home, peeking your head in, and being waved in for a cup of coffee while a corgi and kitties dance at your feet.  You're greeted with a smile and maybe some pound cake.

And now, onto my Etsy Feature Artist:  Gnome Acres.

The thing that sucked me into this etsty web shop was the beautiful coloring of her hand-dyed yarns.  If you knit at all, you quickly understand quality yarns and are supremely thankful that there are men and women who are still doing this time-honored art.

And then, then oh then, you take a peek at the names of her skeins of yarn.  I about died when I started recognizing characters from a series of books that I happen to love.  Such as:
Bertie Bott's.

And then tripping across names from a familiar television series that has long since been canceled but still manages to have a cult following:

I love supporting local - and by local in this case, I mean the mid-west - artisans.  Shopping locally benefits everyone and I try to do it as much as feasibly possible.   So, if you get a chance, bop into Gnome Acres and take a look around.  I know we hate to think of it, but the holidays are coming soon and if you have a 'knitter' on your Christmas List this year, I can guarantee they'd be tickled to death to receive something from her store.

Let me know if there's someone who you think is awesome at this blogging thing or someone I should be taking a looksee at crafting-wise!  Thanks, y'all, and have a great Wednesday!


  1. I LOVE your blog! You have a great writing style--it's like you are talking. I love your idea of blogging about what you love instead of what you hate!

    1. Hee! Thank you so very much! You're not the first person to comment about me writing like I talk (and yup, I really do talk like this - LOL) and it always makes me smile.

      And the world could always use more love and happy-making things, yes? :)

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

      P.S. Also loving on your blog, too.