Monday, October 8, 2012

Merry Monday....

Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Cannucks!!!!  Hope you have a lurvely turkey day up there and staaaaaaaaaaaay warm!

I know y'all feel like this when you wake up (and seriously, this is totally me before my first cup of coffee):

But, it's my first Merry Monday here at Chez Hez and I think I've found a couple things to make everyone happy today.


I listened to the following song on repeat (as we come to know each other better, you'll understand that I have a high tolerance for song repetition.  In fact, I encourage it.  It drives my hubby bazonkers tho. ;) ):

Okay, first rule of thumb:  Boy bands are peppy.  Their music makes you wanna dance.  OR at least be semi-coherent on your commute to work.  Ergo:  One Direction tuneage on my way in.  I also listen to New Kids on the Block or New Edition when I'm cleaning house sometimes.  Everything is just better when it's set to music, in my humble opinion.  And nothing, I repeat nothing, is peppier than Boy Bands.

It's a fact.

Boy Band music also cures the common cold and depression.

It's a fact. 

No, not really.  But it sounded good, right?

Here's a good example tho:  I normally have road rage at all times of day.  I actually called someone 'babe' in traffic today under my breath.  And there was not a note of sarcasm whatsoever.  See?  The power of the Boy Band.  ;)


It's a puppy.  A seriously cute, golden, brown-eyed puppy.  I dare you not to say 'Awwwww....'  I double-dog (hahaha- the pun) dare you. 

Whatever you do, don't laugh, 'kay?

If there's something tickling your funny bone today, lemme know about it!!!  I wanna hear how you're actively making your Monday better for YOU!


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