Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's snowed again, dear friends and they're (and by "they" I mean the powers that be on KCRG TV-9 out of Cedar Rapids....not sure I trust that Kai O'Meara. I'm sure he's a nice Irish boy and everything, but he looks a little shifty about the eyes.) calling for more this Sunday. So in true Hez fashion, I'm schlepping about the house in my fleece jammies and pink chenille robe with my new coffee mug (Frankie! They're Godiva Choclatier mugs! I thought of you when I bought them! Great steal at 99cents a mug). All I can say is thank God for French Vanilla Creamer.

In other news:

- Our knitting coach, Alice, brought out some of her stash again and let us go through it and abscond with some yarn. I was daring and took two skeins of sock yarn. You heard me right, knitters...sock yarn. I'm thinking of starting to make a sock or three and see how I do. But, I've got to finish off a scarf and a pair of wrist warmers first.

- Another small knitting story. Someone delivered a bunch of old "Workbasket" magazines to our knitting club as they contained knitting patterns. Well, in addition to knitting patterns they have gardening advice, canning tips, go to gifts, and other fun stuff. Some of them are circa 1966, but I found a cute pattern for a baby doll bunting for knitting and another skating skirt for a Barbie in there. Well, when I brought some home I happened to glance at the address label on a couple of the magazines. I about died. They were our address. The gal that used to live here many moons ago (and raised a couple hooligan boys, but they're damned fine gardeners) was on the address label along with our current street address. I pointed out to Kenny later on that these magazines had come home to roost. ;) Small world, ain't it?

- Next project for Hez enlightenment (besides the socks) is making soap. I've been following Rhonda Jean at down to earth for some time and she has her own cold pressed soap. Plus there is so much deliciousness on etsy. If you've never before shopped on etsy, I suggest a perusal. It's all homemade/handmade and there are some lovely things on there. But, I found a gal who makes beautiful cold pressed soaps with names like raspberry truffle. There is so much lovely on that website. It gives me inspiration and ideas for baby showers, my girls, myself, and a little bit of everything. (Pssssssssssst, Kit, there's yarn on there, too!) So, that's my little PSA for today. Buy handmade/homemade if you can!

That's enough of Hez for today. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

In lieu of a post...

....I bring you picspam!

Homemade crayons ala Chez Hez

Another view

All wrapped up! Cute tissue paper, no?

More wrapster!

A Victorian Valentine for Arik's teacher.

One more view...

A counter full of caramel corn for Arik's party. It was my first attempt and I'm pretty danged proud of it and was happy with it, too!

Teh corn! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Arik sampling the goods!

It was a busy nite last Thursday nite and I wouldn't repeat it for love nor money, but we did have fun and that, my friends, is all that matters.

*love* all around!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years this and that

One of my New Year's resolutions beyond losing 20 pounds is to post more diligently over here. I've got so many mediums that I post in that it is very difficult to keep up with it all, but I'm hoping to stream line that this year. We'll see how it goes.

Over vacation we've gotten a lot accomplished home and hearth-wise. Kenny put up (aka canned) around 30 some pints and 10 quarts of deer meat! YAY! That's another goal of mine this year: To be less dependent and more independent on consumerism.

Small story: I took Sadie shopping yesterday as I had a 20 dollar gift card burning a hole in my pocket and EEKS! It was bedlam. Target was crazy! We wound up with a kick butt pair of slippers for me and a huge coloring book for her. Life was good, but couldn't wait to get out of there. Then we went to Michael's, which was a bit more sane and was completely stoked to find a bunch of my hat yarn on sale! Bought some of that and off to Fareway where we stocked up on some much needed items (toilet paper anyone?). But, Target had taken it's toll and I had a whopper of a headache by the time I got home. Kenny was a sweet pea and let me roll around in a hot tub with some mint tea by my side and 5 ibuprofen now in my system. But, the shock value of Target was still with me. I couldn't get over these people.

The past year has taught me a few things:
1. We can all live on quite a bit less than what we've got and it won't kill us dead.
2. We CAN make do and learn how to take care a bit more.
3. We have learned a bit more on taking care of each's imperative.
4. What does not kill us makes us stronger. It's a fact.

Just a few small tidbits rolling about in my brain. :) I got another hat done last nite for sale! I'm totally excited that two of my friends have commissioned hats from me. Makes me feel all warm and toasty and junk. :)

And on another completely random but wonderful note: Congrats to the The Macs on their newest addition!!! May your year be filled with all the best and brightest for little Levi!!