Monday, October 1, 2012

Rockabye, Baby....

ETA:  Day One for 31 Days of Consistent Blogging.  I'm issuing a challenge to myself to blog about my life, thoughts, and write for 31 days solid.  Here's Day One!

Have you met my youngest girls?  No?

Well, I'm quite surprised you haven't heard them shrieking and cavorting in the back yard.  Honestly.  They're bazonkers, those two are.

Sadie, our eight-year old, is my 'Luna Lovegood' (aka she's sharp and witty but easily distracted by shiny things like tinfoil) and then Jude, our five-year-old, is our little 'Leo' (aka I wish I could say that she wasn't as stubborn as a mule, but that'd be a lie...a great big fat lie).


Either way, temperaments aside, Jude thinks that she and Sadie are the same age and therefore must do everything together. 


I wish I were lying about this or fudging the truth just a smidge but kids this ain't even close to fibbing.

They want to both sleep out in the living room so they can be together.  They fight at the dinner table.  They fight in the back yard.  They fight in the bathroom.  They fight in computer room.  (Side note:  Our house is small.  You'd think they'd run out of rooms to fight in.)  And when they're not fighting with one another, they're shrieking at the tops of their lungs.  Or making noises that only dogs and birds can hear.

I've tried putting them in the same bedroom.  I've tried separating them.

Nothing is working and soon, it's going to be crunch time.  Which means I need to decide which is the lesser of two evils:  Bunking together or separately?

When they want together and they're apart, I literally have no downtime as someone always needs a drink of water or whatnot and they have a minor competition to see who can get the most hugs and/or kisses along with drinking enough water to float a boat. 

I have zero point of reference for this other than watching my three girl cousins as a kid.  The eldest had her own room and the younger two bunked together until the eldest left the nest.

Which, in my opinion, would be fine with me, but I just would love for them to stay in there and sleep now and again.  LOL

Any opinions on this?  Or should I just give up now and get my prescription for horse tranquilizers?  Bueller?  Anyone?


  1. Dona and I did not get along all that well until high school. There were times when things were fine, I won't lie. No one at elementary school would dare pick on me when she was around (only she was allowed to do that). She would threaten to make the top bunk fall on me unless I behaved.

    It was when we were the only ones left, the other kids having moved out, that we actually did stuff together on a somewhat voluntary basis. I wasw a bridesmaid at her wedding and godmother to her oldest son. I think we get along great now. Though, now I think on it, she's in NJ and I'm in FL which might have something to do with it. :)

    1. That is untrue. We got along fine as long as Deb did what I said.
      In our house we were always switching sleeping arrangements. Over the course of birth to tenth grade, I roomed with 3 different sisters and sometimes (blissfully but always short-lived) on my own. When I roomed with my older sister, we fought over clothes (me stealing hers) but also listened to the same music, watched the same TV, shared many of the same tastes, so it was pretty cool. When I shared with Deb, for most of the years when we were ickle, we got in trouble for playing after lights out, or me waking her up, but everyone survived for the most part. Let them have sleepovers in each other's rooms on the weekend.
      You'll have "those nights" either way, but the girls are building indelible memories.

    2. HAHAHAH! Such sisters! Thanks for weighing in on my bitty sisters. They're both couching it up again tonight - so we'll see how it goes for Fall. But thanks againnnnn for reading and commenting, both of you!

  2. My girls shared until we moved to Aussie and then there was room for them to have their own room each. They regularly 'sleepover' in each other's room, but then they regularly yell 'stay out of my room' at each other. I don't think you ever get it right.

    1. HAHAHAH! That's definitely one thing I'm learning. Since I was an only child, I literally do not have a point of reference for these types of things. Thanks for weighing in and giving me another perspective. :D