Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday: A Week in Review....

Sunday's are for many things but a lot of times around here they're all about catching up on things that have gone by the wayside during the week.  I'm so far behind on laundry.  So, I imagine, the bulk of my day will be spent in the laundry room washing, sorting, and folding.  Oh joy.  And don't lemme forget to start swapping out the girls clothes for wintertime snuggly stuffs.  And there's beds to be made, floors to be swept, and maybe, if I'm lucky, there will be a bit of a nap with Ms. J. 

Let's see how it goes.

But for those of you who might've missed all the shenanigans this week at Chez Hez, here's a rundown:

Monday, October 1st:  I blogged about my girls and their lack of bedtime routines and/or how I'm slowly going crazy being their mother.  Or that I love it all at the same time.  But there's always time to weigh in on what works for y'all.  Also, it was my first post in the 31 days of blogging challenge that I had set for myself via the Nester (if you haven't visited her page, go do so.  She's stellar). 

Tuesday, October 2nd:  Blogging is hard, yo.  Especially when you run out of anything particularly verbose to discuss.  But I made up a listy list to help guide me along.  It's not set in stone but it will hopefully give me something to talk to y'all about.  :)

Wednesday, October 3rd:  Love, love, love is all you need.  I highlighted Gnome Acres and Posie Gets Cozy on my version of things that I love. 

Thursday, October 4th:  It was all about The Lumineers.  If you haven't heard their single 'Ho Hey' please to be getting to your nearest youtube and listening. Kthnx.

Friday, October 5th:  I whipped out one of the cutest and most me outfits from my pinterest board to share with y'all.  If only out pinterest closets were real, yes?

Saturday, October 6th:  My best picture highlighting Iowa via Instagram for the week.  Fall has arrived. 

And that, my friends, is a week in review for Chez Hez?

What're you all doing today?  Any fun festivals or are you sitting in front of the tv snuggled in with some loved ones watching football and/or movies?  :chinhands:  Do tell. 


  1. Chili simmering, washing machine and dryer going, girls out playing in the leaves, boy on the xbox and hubby already gone to Newton for a football game...where does that leave me? Catching up on your blog of course!

    1. CHILI! Love it! I'm sucking down a slim fast and replying to comments before I finish vacuuming the kitchen. OH JOY! LOL But yay for catching up with me! I miss your face, by the by. <3!