Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's Musings...

So, it's definitely Monday and in honor of the first day of the week, I shall do a listy list (trust me, it's better than me trying to convey what my day/weekend was like through interpretive dance):

1.  I broke down at bought this song off of itunes.  While I will admit that I am not a TSwift fan by any stretch of the imagination, I like it for some reason.  Who knows, right?

2.  I just got done going over History homework about Booker T. Washington with the boy.  I think while reading through excerpts from his book that I enjoyed his statement of 'Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are...' [sic] is pretty damned profound and moving.  While I hate trying to interpret another author's words, I enjoy the simplicity and moving statements of being able to 'grow where you are planted' type of statements.  

3.  The weather today was something else.  Uh, Mother Nature let's not have it pissing down rain during my commute the rest of the week, kk?  That'd be amazeballs.  Thanks.  Luv, Hez

4.   This made me laugh (also, you're welcome):

5.  I might try and break out the Little House on the Prairie books for Ms. Sadie again and see if we can give 'em a whirl.  They were some of my fave books as a kiddo and I'd love to be able to share them with ONE of my kids.  

6.  Had an amazing time at the winery yesterday with my step-daughter and some other gal pals and I'm reminded again that it's so fun/healthy to sit around and just laugh for the sake of laughing.  Also, cupcakes never hurt.  And neither does John Denver's Country Roads.  Just saying.  

Also, making new friends?  Lots of fun, too.  

7.  Is it Tuesday yet? No?  Guess I shouldn't ask about Friday neither then.  *sniff, sniff*

8.  Had a doctor's appointment this morning and got some things talked about that have been weighing on my mind and that, my friends, felt pretty good.  Will elaborate more about that at a later date. 

So, for right now, I'm gonna faff about on the 'Humor' tag on Pinterest and giggle at naughty humor ('cause I'm 12) and put the kiddos to bed and put this Monday in the record books.  

Hope y'all had a good one and here's to a Great Tuesday!  <3 br="br">

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