Saturday, October 20, 2012


I was pretty horrible with the instagram this week in that I took ONE picture.  So, without further ado:

I had to run across the hospital yesterday and while waiting for an elevator, I spied this little guy.  I absolutely ADORE the artwork that is in the Children's/Pediatrics part of the hospital.  You can always tell when you're getting close as the artwork changes to the more whimsical and fanciful. 

When I used to work for Pediatrics, we were given the opportunity to tour the PICU and NICU.  I can still remember feeling very nervous about the whole thing.  Because as a Momma it's difficult to watch anyone's child going through what a lot of those kiddos were going through.  But, lemme tell you right now, that place rivals Disneyland in the happy department.  Their physicians and nurses are amazing and those kiddos are in a place that is ultimately for healing, but in addition to their health needs, there are so many other needs being met, too.  Fun being one of them. 

Some days I really really love my job and the place where I work. 

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