Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's Tunes

Okay, if you've been hanging out on my facebook at all during the past week or so you'll know that I've been digging on this song and this band's vibe. 

The Lumineers are a trio from Denver Colorado and currently on tour with The Civil Wars (and if you haven't heard of them, google 'em and give them a looksee, too - they're great).  I could wax lyrical about them but it won't be anything that you can't read on their website or on their facebook or on their twitter (I personally love their 'profile' on twitter.  It reads:  Nice girls don't kiss in bars you fool.).  So, like I said, I could go on and on about information but that's not really what music is all about, in my opinion.  It either 'speaks' to you or it don't. 

This?  Yeah, this speaks to me. 

Give it a listen.  Tell me what you think. 


  1. Oh gosh, I cannot thank you enough for bringing The Lumineers to my attention with this entry--I've been listening to "Ho Hey" for the past 15 minutes, and I've got a number of tabs with their other songs open! So far my other favorite is "Submarines". But yeah, I can already tell that "Ho Hey" will be a permanent fixture on my mp3 player. Thanks so much!! :D

    --dayari from LJ

    1. You're welcome!!!! I've literally had Ho Hey on repeat this morning whilst toiling away in the laundry room of doom. So glad you like them tho! Aren't they happy making? I kinda adore them. I will eventually DL the rest of the album but right now digging on Ho Hey (I have a high tolerance for song repeat evidently). ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting, pal!!!! <3!