Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday - The week in review....

So, here's what you missed at Chez Hez:

On Monday there was a picture of a disgruntled kitten, A boy band vid, a golden retriever puppy, and Red Forman's version of Dr. Suess.  It was epic, lemme tell ya.

Tuesday brought my very first Vlog!  It was a learning experience all around but I'm thinking it's going to be an ongoing thing.  'Cause obviously, people need to hear me being ridic live and in-person. 

Wednesday wasn't exactly about what I love as it was more of a State of the Union at Chez Hez (or how I'm going to go crazy sitting in the laundry room eating green jello while rocking back and forth hoping that it all ends soon enough)(or I get lucky and Dobby, the house-elf comes for a surprise visit). 

Thursday had me waxing lyrical (literally) about British Songstress, Adele

Friday was my version of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.  :chinhands:

My Aunt Helen's Dumpling recipe was the subject of Saturday's #instagramiowa.

And that very nicely rounds us out to Sunday.  Here we are, sports fans, at the end of another fun-filled week.

I'm still in the Laundry Room.  I doubt this will ever ever change but I'm getting used to my four walls now and they know me by name here.  Plus, they love my particular brand of crazy. 

So, I'm hoping you're having a great day and let's start this next week off with a bang (proverbial, not literal....don't want anyone to get their eyebrows singed.  We're nothing if not safe around here.  I hear you laughing. Shut it.)!!!

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