Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!

Day Two of Thirty-One Days of Blogging:

I've consulted every online website known to the internets (or Google - I freaking LOVE Google) to look for post ideas.  There's only so much I can write about before I start giving myself a headache or feel like I've written it before or feel like that the lovely people who read this blog are sitting there going "Really, Hez?  Really?"

So, after waffling back and forth on this and that (because that is how I roll - I'm frigging horrid at decision making sometimes), I've come up with a list of topics for the following weeks that I'll be blogging:

Monday:  Merry Monday - Honestly, these will just be things that make me happy.  Whether it be songs, pictures, pins off of pinterest, my children's silly faces or any and all of the above.  Because who doesn't need more love of a Monday? 

Tuesday:  Opinion Tuesday - This might cover a range of topics also.  It might be global or local or having everything to do with how I feel about Nutella.  You can never tell with me.

Wednesday:  What I Love Wednesday - Now, you might sense a broad generalization theme going on but hold up, pardner.  I'm going to scour my fellow bloggers/crafters/etc and give someone a highlight feature.  (If anyone is interested in this, hit me up at chezhez at gmail dot com)

Thursday:  Thursday's Tunes - Here I will highlight music that I'm really into right this second.  Fair warning, it could be anything from Al Green to Blaine Warbler to the Lumineers. 

Friday:  Fashion Friday - I know, I know, y'all have seen me dress in real life.  These posts will be part of my imaginary closet that I've compiled via Pinterest. 

Saturday:  Instagram Iowa - Imma highlight some of the best features of living in my beloved state via Instagram and then post them on the blog.

Sunday:  A Week in Review - I'll pick this and that from my blog from the previous week and give y'all a rundown.  It'll be like the Reader's Digest version of Chez Hez. 

So, what do y'all think?  Good?  Bad?  Happy?  Sad?   (I love rhyming.  And alliteration.  I'm weird like that.)