Friday, October 5, 2012

Fashion Friday....

Firstly, let me welcome you to the almost weekend. 

Are you excited yet? 

God knows I am.  I've eaten a scotcheroo in almost celebration.  There's a smile on my face that even my semi-toddler couldn't remove with her Scrooge McDuck attitude this morning. 

So, we're starting with another new installment this morning called 'Fashion Friday'.  For those of you that know me in real life, you are well aware that I'm all about the baseball caps, small earrings, jeans, and hoodies.  I am definitely not anyone's role model for couture.  I wear what is comfy because I've got enough things in my life causing me ills and I don't want my shoes to be one of them, ya know?  But, I thought we'd take a gander at what I've got in my Pinterest closet (and if y'all are on pinterest, come and friend me up). 

Okay, the first outfit I've taken out of my virtual closet just screams me from head to toe:


I should actually do 'comparison' shopping in my closet to see if I have anything this cute.  I've got a hoodie (or six) but nothing purple and nothing this cute.  I do have a pair of blue chucks that I adore and could be incorporated into this.  Okay, now honestly, I'm going to have to comb my closet at home tonight and see if I can come up with 'outfits' for myself by shopping my own closet or doing something to keep the cost to a minimum.  Or 'personal shopper' up in our local consignments/Goodwill.  Yeah, might do that and see what happens.  LOL

I love when ideas happen while I'm writing.

It's the best case of lightning striking. 

Because, you know, lightning striking is not normally a happy occasion.  Unless it's in like Sweet Home Alabama and you get really cool glass sculptures out of it...and Josh Lucas, too. 

I'm rambling.

Is it five p.m. yet?  No?  Dang. 

So if y'all have pinterest, lemme see some of your fave 'you' outfits!  And dudes, no fibbing, 'kay?  Don't just link to the outfit you think everyone would think you should wear....keep it real.  If you wanna schlepp around in a Ramones tee with cut up jeans, link me to that.  Although, if you love sporting a Burberry scarf (if this is you, can I be your friend?  Will you adopt me?) and heels, link me that, too. 

Okay, rambled on enough now.  Link me up and have a great day out there!  And tomorrow is Instagram Iowa.  Must take phone pictures.  I think I've got like one.  LOL!

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