Monday, May 18, 2009

Unemployed and entertained...

Well, due to unforseen circumstances, my job was discontinued last Friday. I honestly expected there to be a couple more weeks to a month left for me to work and was more than a bit shocked/taken aback when it happened, but we're muddling through. But, my lovely and darling step-daughter, Tara, took me to Starbucks after retrieving my stuff from work this morning as a belated mother's day prezzie and we hit Hobby Lobby. I had been hoping to try out a tutorial I saw which involved making Bandana Dresses (thanks to Trey and Lucy.) We found some Bandana's and coordinating ribbon and here we go!

These are the Bandanas we picked out (Pink for Sadie and purple for Jude - The checked ribbon is to go with the pink and the polka dots with the purple)

This project would not have been possible with out a kick ass Starbucks Drink (something to do with toffee chip mocha something or was sinful)

Also there to help was my New Girl Elna.

This is my middle girl in the final product. Whatchoo think? Ain't it cute?!

And just another one of my girl cuz she's just so danged cute.

I'm hoping with some time off I'll get some projects done around this house and maybe share them with y'all. I've got another dress to finish and another bandana shirt/dress to make for my youngest gal tomorrow. Take care all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Holy buckets!  I've spent the last 2 days doing all manner of things including, but not limited to:  

Shopping for legos with my son at Wal-Mart...on Saturday morning

Buying plants at Wal-Mart with 3 children in tow...on Saturday morning

Coming home and planting some of the plants in our ever popular container garden

Making a very lurvey t-shirt dress using Michael Grace's tutorial

Working on another block for a baby blanket that I'm making for a friend of the family who is having a little boy next month ala Country Cousins Blanket

Cleaning out our gawd-awful shed

Planting more plants in our raised garden and in our container garden

.....but in all wonderousness, Spring is finally here and I'm lovin' life. My outside "room" is just as wonderful as any of my inside rooms. The hostas look better right now than they did all of last year. My lillies are budding up and ready to go. Our hydrangeas are coming back along with our rhodedendrons. I look over at our bitty lilac and I think I can't wait to see that sucker in about 10 years. Little by little and bit by bit...we're making this place into ours...our home.