Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's almost Friday YAYAYAYYAY


First and foremost let me say sorry for my inexcusable absence.  But in my defense, I had a root canal and a migraine and some wonky things going on with my head meds and.....yeah. 

So, today, I'm feeling a mite bit better (we shall call my condition:  Passable for human standards, shan't we?). 

Normally, per my schedule (I use the soft 'shhhhh' sound when I say this word in my head - it's like saying Ruhzuuuume for Resume - yes, I'm odd, but we already know this), today would be Thursday's Tunes.  So how 'bout it, kiddos?  Tunes?  Yes, have some. 

I've made up a playlist of sorts and lo and behold it is full of all sorts of 80's wonky musics that remind me of being 12, 13, etc. 

Who doesn't remember the Pet Shop Boys?  I just remember sitting by my tiny little red radio that my grandparents had gotten me for Christmas and tuning into whatever station was hip and cool back then (I think 102.9?  Maybe?  Correct me if I'm wrong), writing in my diary, and tapping my pen along to the beat. 

Sigh.  This one, too.  Howard Jones' No One is to Blame.  Freaking loved this song. 

Human by Human League.  I know you guys are going to think I have a thing for British Bands, etc, when in actuality, I DO.  It's been fully ingrained into my head that things in the UK must be infinitely cooler than in Iowa.  HAHHHAHA

Allow me my delusions will you please?

And lastly, but certainly not leastly:

Something About You by Level 42. 

Now, if these songs don't make you smile with nostalgia, I don't know what will.  Do y'all have songs that just make you think of being 14, angsty, lying on your bed and thinking about your crush and knowing if they only knew THE REAL YOU, that they'd love you just so very much and leave that gorgeous girlfriend of theirs for you?  No?  Rude.

Have a great Thursday, y'all. 

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