Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dear Santa....

Tonight, while recovering from a nap and an overdose of sodium by eating Ramen noodles with the girls for the supper, Sadie props her chin on her hand and says to me (as only this innately curious Aquarian can do):  'Mom, if you were still a kid, what would you want for Christmas?'

Which got me thinking as only that Middle child of mine can do.  (I've often said she is the child of my heart and this is no exaggeration)  This year, I'm trying to follow this creed for the children's holiday:

That's right.  We're trying out four gifts this year: Want, need, wear, and read.  (and I'm thinking of putting together a 'Chirstmas Eve Emergency' bag which will include jammies, slippers, and a toothbrush)

So, in the spirit of keeping Christmas about the kids and being more childlike during the holidays because nostalgia reigns supreme during the holidays, here, without any ado, is what I want for Christmas:

Dear Santa,

I've been sorta good this year and all that bad stuff we can over look, yeah?  You're a forgiving sort so I'm hoping I can slide down into the Nice list if I promise to clean my plate and actually eat my peas instead of feeding them to the dog, right?  We're good then?  Cool.

Okay, here's what I'd love for Christmas this year (in no particular order):

1.  This necklace.  It's cute, right?

2.  Hello Kitty stickers.  I love 'em and everyone has some and I'm not sure I'll get any if I don't ask.

3.  Lisa Frank folders.  All the cool girls in study hall have 'em, okay?

4.  Red skinny jeans.  Oh wait, I have those.  Purple skinny jeans?

5.  New hot pads.  My old ones are getting old and while I'm thinking about the kitchen, I could use some new tea towels, too. 

6.  New earmuffs.  This new 'do of mine is leaving my eyes shockingly naked and chilled.

7.  A hardcopy of this book.  I can't say how it changed my life by reading it. 

8.  And last but certainly not least, these earrings.  I love 'em a lot. 

So, thanks for hanging around and reading my list.  Say Hi to Mrs. Claus and Rudolph for me!  And Donner, too.  He's super cool.  I'll leave out some cookies and milk for y'all and travel safe, big guy.



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