Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm lovingly pilfering today's format from the adorable Sarah at anonymous was a woman.  Check out her blog.  It's a wonderful place.  It's almost like stepping into a sigh.  I know that doesn't make any sense but when you start reading it, you just breathe out all the tension you've had all day.  It's worth a looksee in my opinion. 

Okay, here we go:

Watching:  I'm still enthralled with Once Upon a Time on ABC.  There is nothing that I probably enjoy more as an adult than my favorite fairy tale characters come to life in front of my very own eyes.  Also, princesses kicking ass?  Yes, please.  Small fact:  Ginnifer Goodwin's Mary Margaret/Snow White is who inspired my new 'do. (Another fact?  The writers for this show were on another one of my all-time fave shows, Lost)

Movie-wise, I spent last weekend watching Masterpiece Classic's version of Emma and Persuasion.  I love love looooooooove period costume dramas and none more than anything Jane Austen.  And Johnny Lee Miller's version of Mr. Knightly is just swoon-worthy.

Eating:  Right now?  A oatmeal butterscotch chip cookie from the Java House downstairs.  I love love loooooooooooooooooooove these cookies.   Anyone who gives monster-sized cookies for the holidays?  You're brilliant.  And remember where I live, please.  :)

Reading:  I'm still working on You Can Buy Happiness but I also have my copy of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in my purse.  There can never be too much magic in a girl's life, methinks.

Listening to:  Honestly?  Take Me Home by One Direction.  Like you guys were expecting something different?

Thinking About:  Culling out the things in my china hutch in the dining room and selling it.  We have an awesome built-in china hutch in our kitchen that I adore.  The one in the dining room is a hulking piece of furniture that doesn't really fit us per se and is really just giving us an excuse to keep more crap.  I dunno.  We'll see how it goes.  :)

Looking Forward to:  Two days off next week.  I'm going to love hanging out in my jammies with the kiddos and the hubby.  The boy already lobbied for me to make the Pioneer Woman's famous apple dumplings and a friend of mine on facebook posted a cranberry salad recipe that Sadie and I can't wait to whip up.  And on Friday there will be lounging and maybe a game of Uno or three.

Making Me Happy: 

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