Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter to Me....

I was really struggling with what to write about this morning.  It's gloomy outside, you see, and that makes for my internal 'Remus Lupin' to want to be all morose and to sigh meaningfully.  (And if you don't know who Remus Lupin is, I'm really not sure we can be friends any more.  On second thought, go and Google him.  If you don't have him in your life, you should.)

I woke up late this morning after staying up too late and there's just really not enough coffee in the world to straighten this out but I'm determined to get on with the day - Monday or no - and make the best of it. 

So anycrap, I was chatting away - courtesy of Gchat - with my gal pal, Susan, when she suggested this 'List of Lists' that she had tucked away in the bowels of her 9200 journals.  Seriously, some day soon I might devote a blog post to each of my gal friends who make my life go 'round.  SERIOUSLY.  They're amazing and so unique in their own ways.  Oh lord, sidetracking like crazy.  Back on topic, Heather.  Okay, so I'm blindly picking out one of her topics from the Listy List of Lists and adding my own particular spin to it.  Here goes nothing:

What Would We Say to our Future Selves?

I'm going to do my own take on that.  I know some of you are country music fans and when I read this the very first thing that I thought of was Brad Paisley's, "Letter to Me". 

(Embedded for your listening enjoyment)

Dear Heather (at seventeen),

It's me.  That me that you see in the mirror only a slightly older version.  Prove it?  Okay, you've filled the last half of your diary about a certain Washington High School basketball player.  Yeah.  Now you believe me?  Good.  With that, I just wanted to stop and give you a few pointers on upcoming events in your life.  It might seem daunting or impossible that you'll survive and live through the things that you think should break you, but you won't break.  It's a close thing, but you won't. 

Trust me. 

1.  That annoying habit you have of thinking the best of people?  Don't lose that.  People will prove you right more than they will prove you wrong.

2.  I know you think you won't ever find 'the one'.  You do.  He's amazing and not what you expected at all.  Which just goes to show you that life is full of surprises.  He will be just what you needed just when you needed him. 

3.  I know that you wrote down in your Senior Memory Book that you'd have four kids jokingly.  You're right.  They're amazing.  And that first one?  You'll love her because she's his (that awesome guy from the number above), but you'll grow to love her for being herself.  The Boy, will give you the reason to put aside your own luggage as you pick him up.  He's a turning point for you.  And the next two...*shakeshead*...Oh, just you wait. 

4.  Friends.  Less is more.  You don't have to be the Prom Queen.  Quality over quantity, babe.

5.  You will get to see your mom again.  And after the first twenty minutes, it'll be less awkward and more like that piece of you that was missing will go sliding back into that slot like it was never gone. 

6.  Lay off the Pepsi, shortie. 

7.  Losing your grandma?  You live through that, kiddo.   It sucks like hell but she's left you a wonderful legacy of becoming a lover of words.  Although, you will never figure out how to make her homemade noodles.  Might wanna just let that one go. 

8.  You'll get to meet folks from all over the world eventually and will travel out of the great state of Iowa to meet them.  I know you don't believe me because you hate even driving on the interstate and won't do it unless pressed, but you tackle that particular fear, too. 

9.  All of that stuff you learned in Government and Social Studies?  Completely useless.

10.  Even at 39, you still love The Beatles.  Some things are just timeless, hon. 

In closing, I want to tell you to sleep less, smile more, let it go, and look for peace.  You are going to have some great adventures and there will be moments when the very core of your existence is shaken....but, kid, you survive. 



Now....what would you guys tell your seventeen-year-old selves?  :CHINHANDS:


  1. Dear Mimi,
    1. Not everything is about you - don't be so sensitive!!!
    2. Stop talking and listen. That doesn't mean stop talking and think about something else, it means LISTEN to what the other person is saying and then respond to it!
    3. Give in to the inevitable - teaching is your superpower. Just because you want to teach doesn't mean that you'll become your mother.
    4. Study more. No, really. It's not the material that's important, it's the habits that studying develops. If you don't learn to really study, then college will be a nightmare.
    5. Books are amazing, but so are people. Pick up the phone and call a friend once in a while!
    6. Don't worry so much about what other people think - the things that make you a quirky 17-year-old are the same things that make you a cool adult...
    7. Man up and face confrontation. It clears the air better than holding on to bitter, bitter resentment.
    8. And while you're at it, stop looking at what other people have and start looking at what YOU have: good friends, an interesting life and a loving family.
    9. Seriously... Shut. Up.
    10. And have some fun!! Unwind. Discover beer or wine (your choice) and drink ONE or TWO. Then stop.

    1. Okay, lady, I read this yesterday as it came into my inbox and I have no idea why but it brought tears to my eyes. I think it might be the fact that we've known each other half of forever, even though we weren't friends for a period in there.

      But it just reminds me why we were kindred spirits once upon a time.

      And for the record, I bet you're an amazing teach and momma. How could you not be?


      ~ Heather