Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Night Less Ordinary....

There are very few things in the world like a community of women.

And I can honestly say that I don't like all women, but the women I do like, and am fortunate enough to have been befriended by, are pretty amazing.  They're your every day, garden variety women who are muddling through life while life tries to make their existence extraordinary...sometimes kicking and screaming the whole way.  

Either way, I found myself with two of my gal pals last night on our back patio (which sounds way fancier than it is) with a small fire, bottles of wine, and itunes. 

 (labeled Bliss on Instagram....Apropos, no?)

It always always amazes me how women are able to flit from conversation to conversation without missing a beat.  We're able to talk about death and our grocery budget in the span of two minutes.  Or how little Georgie is fighting a cold.  Or how Sue is not studying nearly enough while George Strait or Maroon 5 provides the soundtrack. 

And as the night goes on, sunglasses are tucked up as makeshift headbands, and ball caps are tucked low against foreheads, that's when the real talk begins. 

It's very easy to stare into a fire with the cool night air floating around you on the cusp of Autumn.  It's also easy to listen, to hear, maybe what someone is saying but not saying. 

It also always amazes me how there is always tears.  But, there is laughter and hugs in equal measure.

I love how there are emphatic arms waving about while wine slops out the left side but there is no stopping the story nor the leaning forward laughter that follows.  The talking over each other, the stories from yesterday or ten years ago.  Or how there is a group hug at one point.  How there is texting from family members, pictures to be posted on facebook and/or instagram....

And why is that?

Why do we feel the need to acknowledge that we're doing this?

Because it's a celebration of sorts, I think.

(Even the Sun Sets in Paradise...)

We may not have won this week, but we're here at the end of it, talking to each other, sharing each other's joy and misery, and this too shall be marked down.

On instagram, obviously.

We might not get a chance to do this until next Spring or we might be sitting in those same chairs two weeks from now but the spirit that is underneath our little community of women is always there.

We're here to share your load, to laugh at your stories, to hold your hand, to acknowledge your pain, and to remind each other we're not alone.  

And tomorrow is another day....

(The Aftermath...)


  1. I am proud to be a part of the patio chick group, and I am up for an every other weekend pow wow :)

    1. Deal, deal, deal! Wine-thirty is where it's at. <3!

  2. I have never read anything so perfect. While I was reading this, I was instantly transported to the last night I was out with a group of my friends and it was exactly the same. Women are amazing creatures; all so different, but alike in all the ways that matter. <3

    1. <3!!!!

      Us girls need to definitely do this more often - just that reconnecting and venting and laughing and's just so much good clean fun, ya know? <3! Thanks for commenting, lady. I sure appreciate it!