Monday, September 10, 2012

You Make it Real....

So, today is Monday. 

I know what you're thinking:  Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Heather.

But, it's true.  We're trudging through yet another weeks beginning and I packed yogurt for breakfast and when it's coupled with scorching hot coffee...well, let us just say that it's not the best combo. 

This morning was almost no good, horrible, and awful. 

Monday's are always gonna be Monday, ya know?  But when it's coupled with me not making my lunch the night before and blearily checking out the contents of our fridge hoping to make good food choices at 5:45 a.m. .... it's just a no go.

Adding in Jude waking up in a horrid mood.  There's nothing worse than a sour ass five year old, lemme tell you.  But I wrangled her miserable hiney around and by the time I dropped her at daycare (aka Second Mom Extraordinare, JK), she was all giggles and smiles.  She even raced me to the door. 

She won, obviously.

So after a fog-filled commute (that was out of doors, people.  Again, I know how your mind works), I arrived at work.  Woot.  I've beaten the odds already for a Monday.

After zipping through emails and voicemails and all of the things that couldn't wait till Monday morning, I settled into my day after rallying back and forth with my best pal via text message.  She makes me smile.  Rarely, if ever, am I unhappy about hearing from her. 

And the little protons and neurons (don't judge, I work for Pathologists but it doesn't mean I understand them.  I leave that to Jimmy Neutron) got firing in my brain.  I was thinking about people, the very few, that can make me smile on a Monday.  We all know how we feel about Mondays, right?  They stink.  And if people tell you different, they're on meds.  Or drunk.  Or one of 'those' people.  (You know who I'm talking about.  They're cheerful. *shudders*)

But it got me thinking about my batting line-up, if you will, of folks that are my go-to's for everything in my world.  That line-up consists of thus:

1.  At the plate, tapping the bat against the insides of their cleats will always be my kiddos.  They are who I look at and look forward to always.  Their shining faces are the people I see when I first wake up and the last before I go to sleep. 

2.  On deck, swinging at the imaginary ball as the pitcher zings one past, are my gal pals.  I have a few in my hometown and a few at work and a few online.  But, all of them?  They keep me sane.  (Shuddup, I hear you laughing.  I AM sane....most days)

3.  Leaning against the doorway just inside of the dugout, is my Momma.  She's amazing, funny, brilliant, and talented (apple didn't fall far, huh, gang? ).  She always, always, always help me put things into the proper perspective (she's a Libra - who's surprised by that?). 

4.  Lastly, batting clean up, is my guy, my Kenny.  Here's why:  Every gal in the world should have a Kenny in her corner.  He's my biggest champ and that guy can make me laugh even when I don't want to.  He helps me not take myself too seriously, to laugh a little, and even though his taste in movies stinks, I still love him a lot. 

This is my gang, my bunch, my team.  They're the folks that when it's the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs, and there's a full count against me, I look over my shoulder and that dug out of mine is full of these folks.  Cheering and screaming with two thumbs up, they make me lift the bat off my shoulder, dig in, and take a swing.

They make me brave and foolish and fortunate.   

So, in closing, who's on your 'dream team'?