Friday, September 7, 2012


Five Minute Friday


Never have I ever once in my life felt graceful. I’ve felt capable and purposeful but never once that transcending beauty type of grace that comes with screen legends and dancers. I’ve witnessed it enough, goodness knows. Although, I think over the years my idea of grace and beauty has changed. I never truly appreciated true grace until I watched my daughter’s dance. Not that my son or step-daughter can’t dance, they truly can, trust me. But, there’s something about watching my two youngest twirl around and around without a care in the world.

I envy them their carefree attitude.

I rarely remember that amount of unadulterated joy as a child. I think I was happy enough often enough but rarely those moments of giddy joy.

My Sadie does joy like nobody’s business. She’s a pro at it.

And when she’s not busy tripping over her own feet, she is one of the most graceful people I know.

She’s also one of the most loving.

There’s a beauty in that also.

When I feel cumbersome or awkward, that girl knows better than anyone. She’ll sidle up and hug me in a sneak attack or leave a note under my pillow or put a post-it in my purse.

How can someone who is eight possess that amount of joy and love?

I guess God knew that I would need her in my life. Just as he knew that I’d need each and every one of our children….and each one has been my saving grace in one way or another.


  1. Aw, lovely post. :) I love watching little kids dance. They're just beautiful in their own confidence and joy. Have a marvelous day!
    (here from fmf)

    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!! I'm particularly fond of my motley crew and yes, they do have their very own beauty! You have a wonderful day too and thanks for commenting!

  2. Our children are great blessing aren't they? Sadie sounds like a gem - so full of life!

    1. They really really are. Sadie is - as my granny used to say - a corker. ;) Thanks for commenting!!!