Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What to Read Wednesday

So, as I've said before I'm going to try and put a couple 'themed' posts in every week to see if I can stick with something.  So I asked myself what I should write about.  It was a very boring, one-sided conversation but me and my inner-psyche decided that there were three things that I loved to talk about more than my family:  Music, books, and clothes. 

Now, while I'm not normally given to shopping sprees for any of those three things as I'm a born and bred thrifter, it doesn't mean that I don't like pretty music, pretty words, and/or pretty clothes.  It's just that I'm a little bit more frugal about certain things.  I still download songs off of itunes and I've been known to buy a book in hardbook if I want to read it bad enough (although, lately, I've been having a fun fun time downloading things to my kindle), but yeah, clothes, I'm a huuuuuge thrifter.  Find me a bargain and I'll love it forever...or at least until next season.

Anyway, before I get into a big long drawn out post on the benefits of thrifting, I'll start off on my actual subject that I wanted to wax lyrical about today:  Books. 

I've been told that I was a reader at an early age and I honestly don't remember a time in my life when I didn't love to read.  From Harold & the Purple Crayon to Harry Potter....I've loved 'em all.  The last book I admittedly read was probably the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I do jump on the pop culture bandwagon from time to time and every once in awhile I'm pleasantly surprised by what's being churned out. 

Just don't expect me to go reading Fifty Shades of Gray anytime soon, okay?

I got a like two-three page peek at that book on my kindle and abruptly did an about turn.  It's not that I'm opposed to Erotica or anything like that.  I've read enough fanfiction in my day to understand that sometimes whooops, sex happens.  I'd just prefer to read something that doesn't delineate everything for me in such a 'nuts & bolts' fashion as it were.  I'm also definitely not opposed to sex in books.  I love love love Nora Roberts for pete's sakes, but I have zero to little desire to read this book that has everyones tongues wagging. 

Why you may wonder.

Well, I'll tell you. 

It's badly written in my humble opinion.  If I'm supposed to get all jacked up about something, you'd better grab my attention and deliver the so-called 'goods'.  And if you're reading them for entertainment value, then yes yes yes, I totally get that but please don't tell me that it's the best literature you've read ever. 

For now I shall digress and leave you a couple silly things that were found out and about the net (I dinna find them.  My pal pointed them out to me when she found out my subject matter for today):


Just some silliness to tide you over till Friday.  But for the sake of me being nosey, what are y'all reading this summer?  And yes, it's totally fine if you guys say Fifty Shades.  I'm not judging at all.  I'm just saying what works for me.  So, do tell, what's good to read?  :CHINHANDS:


  1. I am currently reading 50 Shades of Gray :S ROFLMAO!!!

    1. Dude, we already had this discussion. And like I said, I'm not judging. ;)

  2. Ha! Totally agree!! I started reading 50 Shades because my friends were raving, but really, it's not that great. Even the sex scenes aren't that great. AND (and this is a big AND), it was originally written as fan fiction for Twilight - as in it's not Mr. Gray and "what's-her-name," it's Edward and Bella. Ick.

    1. Like I said, I just viewed a 'sample' of it and couldn't stand it on sight. I've read fanfiction that's made me cry and was so wonderfully written and trust me, this shizz ain't it. ;)

      And also: ICCCCCCCCCCCCCK.

  3. I wasnt a fifty shades fan either. I read it and hated it, it was extremely childish and poorly written.
    One of the best books I have read recently is The Hypnotists Love Story. I got it on a book review and LOVED it so much!

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by & commenting!!!

      And I will agree with all you've said about Fifty Shades. I was too busy laughing for it to be like .... sultry or whatever. LOL

      I will add this to my book list to read! Goodness knows I could do to get out of my same-old same-old reading rut.


  4. When I see copies of the 50 Shades novels in shops, I kind of want to write the address for AO3 or some really dodgy kinkmeme inside. I think that's what annoys me most, to be honest -- so many people think this is edgy and dirty and it's like 'come on, the main character refers to her vagina as 'down there', ffs!'


    I'm (still) reading The Ask and the Answer. It drags a bit at times (though nowhere near as much as the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go) but this series has a fantastic storyline and great characters. I think you should try them, Hez.