Monday, July 23, 2012

#MusicMonday - needtobreathe

Like any good social media girl, I loves me some Twitter.  I freaking love being a fly on the wall of some of my fave celebs, some online pals, and some real time folks, too.  Usually on Mondays there is a twitter 'trend' (and Oh God, do I need to explain twitter trends?  Yes?  No?  Well, it's when the bajillion folks on twitter have all typed the same thing with the same 'hashtag' and it makes the 'saying' (aka trend) popular) called #musicmonday. 

Also, like any good social media gal, I'm properly lifting it from them and going to see if I can stick with sharing some things from my itunes. 

Now, onto a proper post:

I saw these folks when I was at Bonnaroo a little over a month ago and I vaguely (and when I use that term, I truly do mean vaguely as that place, that festival, is a virtual sensory overload on every single one of the senses....seriously) remember seeing them and thinking they were amazing.  Actually to quote my facebook page for that date, I believe I said they were 'sick'.  (Don't ask.  I had to look up HAM in the urban dictionary yesterday.  Such is life.)  When I got home from the long road from Tennessee, I looked these folks up and found this gem:


You might recognize it from the PS. I Love You soundtrack or you might not.  But the lyrics in this just kill me.  I'm a sucker for a good lyric, for something that touches that thing inside of me.  And if you stick around this blog you may find out that sometimes there is a very little 13 year old girl living inside of me and also at the same time a very old woman.  *shrugs*  Again, such is life.   

Mostly, I think, it's when he sings over and over 'please don't worry now, it will turn around', I kinda believe him.  No, I take that back:  I do believe him.  And as a basic born and bred worrier, this is soothing as hell, trust me.  It's a salve on my soul.  

Plus, just listen.

Giving new musics a try is a good thing and even though it might not be your personal cup of tea at least you gave something new a try today.  And that, my friends, isn't a bad thing neither.   

Needtobreathe is currently on tour world-wide (and I'll throw up the link to their page when it's not having database errors) and are fun to follow on twitter

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