Monday, January 21, 2013

The Long Winter...

So, yesterday we did a wee bit of baking and this past weekend I've been deep cleaning in the bathroom and in the mudroom. 

Coffee Cake

One of my secret passions is rearranging things.  I love taking bits of our furniture and moving them this way and that to make them fill out a room maybe a bit better than they did before.  The thing I've been doing lately though is completely removing pieces of furniture (usually small ones).  One thing I figured out over time is that our small house is full of furniture that do not necessarily fit our lifestyle or just don't serve any purpose other than to stand around and catch dust. 

Part of the reason I'm doing this (deep cleaning, etc) is to get out all of the germs that have been bunking in with us this past week (Jude & I were down with Influenza - NO FUN) and the other part is to remind me why I loved this little house when we moved into it. 


Our house is well over 100 years old and has plaster walls and beautiful molding around the windows, strange little doorway arches and a galley style kitchen.  You can tell what part of the house was the 'original' farmhouse (dining room, kitchen, and our bedroom) partly because when we tore back the carpet that was in the (now) dining room, you could see where the old wood stove had sat on the wood floors. 


Part of my problem with 'decorating' is realizing that my 'taste' is so not in line with a lot of people's desire for contemporary things.  I have metal cupboards in my kitchen from the 50s....and I love 'em, okay?  I have industrial lino in my mudroom that I uncovered (again, carpet) that I adore too with it's bits of brown flecks in it (altho, it's peeling up in spots and I need to get something else in there but for now, it's perfect for me).  I love our uneven hardwood floors.  I love the high ceilings.  I love the built in china hutch in the kitchen (altho one of the panes of glass is broken - I'm thinking of knocking out the others and putting chicken wire behind them). 

But mostly, I love these faces that I share my home with:


(This was taken during half-time of the Iowa Men's Basketball Game....GO HAWKS!)

They kinda make all of everything that I do worth it. 

So tell me, guys:  What do you LOVE about where you live?  Or what do you want to change?  What couldn't you live without? 

Window Too

Talk to me. :)


  1. being that it's been so cold and crappy lately, it has inspired me to massively declutter. Thanking Mother Nature for that. Would love to carpet the upstairs....someday. The original wood floors are great but would live nice warm fuzzy soft carpet under my toes each morning I wake up, ya know?

    1. Most definitely understand!!! I opened the windows a bit on Saturday just to clean out some germs and it was HEAVENLY. (and fyi, until you get that carpet, buy a piece of carpeting that is soft & fuzzy and put it on your side of the bed by the floor. ;) )