Wednesday, January 23, 2013

She listens like Spring and she talks like June....

Tomorrow my middle baby will be nine years old.


Count 'em, nine years old.

I still cannot believe it actually.

She believes in the power of Pink.

She makes greeting cards with pop-out hearts.

She leaves post-it notes in my purse that says I heart you Mom (or leaves post-its in her dad's lunchbox too)

She loves Junie B. Jones.

She loves her sisters...a lot.

She doesn't care for her brother overmuch.

She loves playing Angry Birds.

She loves cupcakes.

She loves lipgloss.

She wants her own kitten.

She's curious about crickets and grasshoppers but hates spiders with a passion.

She's getting taller every single day.

She believes that more is definitely better.

She loves listening to my ipod and singing along quietly.

She loves to rock in her chair, or on the couch, or in her bed....or anywhere really.

She loves riding shotgun.

She can spring up out of bed and be ready in two minutes.

She loves to swim and can do it for hours on end.

She has freckles.

She loves nail polish.

She goes by Sadie, Shoog, or Tink. 

....And she's only going to be nine for one short year.  I hope it's her best one yet. 

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