Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, here we are.  In a whole new year. 

Go us, right?

2013 holds possibilities untold for all of us and while that seems overwhelming sometimes, it also seems nice.  (I know it's a poor word choice and maybe not as bold when breaking down 365 days that can change your world and/or your life but it's a kind word and maybe it's an easy word, too)

Resolution can also mean bringing things to a close.

What a cool way to start out a year, yes?

Letting go of the things we need to let go of.  Bringing the important things to the forefront.

How neat is that?

I've never once pretended to have all the answers for the whats and whys and wherefores of my life's happenings but, I will never pretend to be a bystander in my own show (aka my life).  So while I meander along my path this year, kicking gently at the smooth rocks under my feet, I hope to share it with you. 

And in turn, I hope you share your journey with me.  I don't care if it's as insignificant as you got out of bed today.  Because, let's be honest, some days that IS the hardest thing. 

Okay, let's get to the resolutions part of this gig:

1.  I promise to share, at least once every other week, an essay of sorts.  That's 26 posts about my life, past & present.  I can't promise thought provoking, but I can promise to entertain.  HAHAHHA

2.  I promise that I will be as honest as kindness allows me to be.  I will always be honest with myself but sometimes in that vein of self-discovery, I have to set aside other 'characters' in my life in the interest of anonymity.  (aka no one wants to see themselves portrayed in a negative light even in a meagerly read blog post)

3.  My bathroom.  I promise to paint that damn room, recaulk the shower, get a new shower curtain, and finish tiling the damn floor.  This year it will be done.

4.  Reading.  I promise to read more and share what I'm reading and why.  Look at it as 'Hez's book Club'.  Which means it won't be nearly as impressive as Oprah, but you might find something that you like.  (I'm currently reading 'You Had Me at Hello' by Mhairi McFarlane' on a rec from my pal.)(I also pilfered this resolution from the very same pal.  *waves hi to Candice*)

5.  Classes.  I'm signing up for one in the Spring on Creative Writing.  I promise to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of the life of being an errant student looking at this side of 40.  We'll see how that goes. ;)

6.  I promise to speak kinder this year.  As a Cancer, you will never doubt about what is going on inside my head and I realize sometimes that I'm not the most tactful about saying what is on my mind/heart.  This year, I vow to think more before I speak.  (This mostly has to do with my children and spouse....I'm not always the nicest person in the world and these people are the ones I should be kindest to and I would do well to remember that)

7.  Get back on the exercise train.  I will be the first to admit that I don't do well with 'groups'.  I did bootcamp last year as a favor to a friend and found myself enjoying it because it's a great physical release for all of the things going on in my life (life of a busy mom, writer, rockstar) but I also found that I enjoy that 'me' time, too.  While I would supplement our classes with long walks around the local walking trails with me, my nike's and my ipod, I was like the proverbial pig in poop.  Aka it made me happy.  I promise to get back to that this year in one form or another. 

8.  Organized.  This year I promise to integrate more structure in my life.  I enjoy 'winging it' as much as the next girl and being a mother, you have to know how to roll with the punches but even the basic things such as brushing teeth, combing hair, and washing faces first thing in the morning are things that I fight with my children about constantly.  It's like they're these little animals in the petting zoo before the gates open and everyone is running around trying to pretty them up at the last second.  I hate running first thing in the a.m.  It gives me grey hair and wrinkles.  I'd like less of those, please. 

So, there it is.  In a nutshell, the things that 2013 will bring....or I hope I will bring to 2013.

Anything weighing in on what you'd like to accomplish for the year ahead?

P.S.  I'm going to try and teach Sadie the basics for knitting this afternoon.  Wish me luck!

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