Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Ideal Reader....

Author's Note: This is part of an assignment for the writing course that I'm taking through Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens fame.

The lesson for today was asking who we think our idea reader is.  The following is what I believe my ideal reader would be (and also what kind of reader I know I am):

I don't think I have an ideal reader per se.  More than anything I appreciate and wish for engaged readers.  I would hope and wish for people to share their experiences or find something that I've written resonates within them or for them.  Recently I had a younger woman whom I've been friends with online for a few years - so she is well acquainted with me and my daily life - tell me that she has hope for herself in years to come when she has a family that she won't need to channel Martha Stewart with her home nor Julia Child in order to feed her family....

...that's what I want for a reader. 

I don't want a sycophantic ego-boosting cheerleader but ... just engaged I would say. 

I'm that type of reader, too.  I guess I want the real deal with what's going on.  It's not that I don't think that people really 'live that way' (ie Martha Stewart) but the things that keep me coming back are when you share your recipes of your favorite that Granny Miller made or that killer dip that someone brought to your Super Bowl party or that your kid-spouse-dog needs to be house in the garage-crawl space for the time being because they're chapping your hiney. 

I want the knitting patterns.

I want the short stories about your Aunt who is no longer with us, God rest her soul.

I want your favorite Summer memories. 

I want to find the hope and promise where maybe there wasn't any before.

And I hope any reader that finds their way here can find all of this and maybe some more, too. 


  1. Awesome! Well done, and I agree that it is the real details of people's lives, like snapshots, that make blogs so fascinating.

    1. Thanks, Sara! This writing class is so much fun (even tho I'm currently a few days behind. URGH!)! Thanks for commenting and I hope you're enjoying it, too!

  2. Well, darlin', that's pretty much why I read what you write. Maybe one day I'll grow up and write things that matter, too. Love that you are taking this class and stretching those wings.

    1. Honey, you write SO MANY THINGS that MATTER. They matter to all of the short people in your world and all of the kids you've helped over the years by your particular brand of 'you'-ness and being all educational. And think of the TREES, CO. YOU"VE SAVED TREES.

      So hush, you. <3