Monday, May 7, 2012

A Mommy Mantra?

It's occurred to me today that I'm closing in on sixteen years of being a 'mom'.  My first experiences of mommy-hood included hanging out with my then boyfriend's six-year-old daughter watching Aristocats and shopping for Easter Basket prezzies for her.  Sixteen years later, in addition to my step-daughter, we added two more girls and a boy to our brood.  Life is never boring with this bunch and I've learned a few things along the way.  Not all of these are to do with being a mom as some of them have more to do with being a woman, but as so many of us are both, I thought I'd call it the mommy mantra.  So, whether you're mom to a brood of pups, cats, hamsters, fish, or live human folks, this might apply to you.  Randomly and in no order: 

1.  Read.
2.  Read things that are good for you.
3.  Read things that are bad for you.
4.  It's okay to like songs like P!nk's "F*ckin' Perfect."
5.  It's also okay to like the explicit lyrics to Maroon 5's "Payphone."
6.  Learn a couple clean jokes to make your kids laugh.
7.  Children's laughter heals practically any wound you have. 
8.  Be silly.  I think that's one of the most important lessons I've learned as a parent.  Being silly doesn't make you foolish.  It just lets your kiddos know that their parents have a sense of humor.
9.  Sing along to the radio.
10. Quiz the kids on current and past singers.  It's a fun game.
11. Share what you love.  If you love a book, a band, a food, a special brand of gum, share it.  If you share the things you love, then, maybe, your kiddos will share what they love with you.
12. Be human.  If you're hurt, say you're hurt.  No one likes a martyr and no one, but no one, is a mind-reader.
13. Be a good friend.  I think kids learn by example and if they see nothing but judgement and derision from you, how are they ever going to learn to forgive and enjoy and share things with other people?  Having friends and keeping them is one of life's best experiences.
14. Say I'm sorry and mean it.  Pretty self-explanatory there.
15. Smile.
16. Plant a garden and watch it grow.
17. Go swimming with your kids, build sandcastles, float on an inner-tube, find tadpoles, go fishing, pick up rocks that are smooth & warm, get muddy, stomp in puddles, laugh about it.  Trust me, the clothes that they ruin won't matter in a week.
18.  Be quiet.  Not everything is a circus.
19.  Listen.
20.  Either get a pedicure or learn how to do one at home.  Either way, you feel better and your toes are pretty.
21.  Wear a dress now and again.
22.  Wear funny hats.
23.  Play Mario Kart.  Seriously, it's fun.
24.  Try new foods.
25.  Drink lots of water.
26. Count the stars.
27.  Catch Fireflies.
28.  Breathe.
29.  Roast marshmallows.
30.  Pray.

Anything you all think I should add to this?  Lemme know.  <3 

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