Monday, June 29, 2009

Life or something like it...

I know you're not supposed to make a blog post without pictures, but life has just been too nuts lately to upload anything to my computer from my camera. Although, in the time it took to write this post, I could have done just that. :P

My birthday is coming up on Wednesday, which always manages to cause a bit of navel gazing and this year is no exception. Just there is so much to be thankful for as of late. I'm still not working anywhere that is of any permanency, but I'm healthy and so are the kiddos and the hubby. There are ball games to go to, things to knit (and a very healthy stash of yarn to go thru), fireworks to look forward to, tomatoes growing on the vine, small handful of beans harvested, peppers on the vine, cucumbers growing, cabbage and broccoli growing, too, and just summertime to be relished in the best way I know how. So, I'm gonna set aside all the sad for a bit, cuz there's been a bit more than the fair share of it lately and just get back to enjoying the simple and the everyday'ness of life at Chez Hez. That's what it's all about, right?

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