Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's a welcome home of sorts...


Tonight I got to go back to my Wednesday Night Knitting Club after a many month hiatus due to work situations and life in general getting in the way.  It's so nice to be greeted by people with hugs and great big grins and hearing "HEY!"  and know that it's a good kinda hey being directed your way.  It's a hey that translates into, "God, it's been a damn long time since I've seen you" kinda hey.  


There was much munching on goodies (ala ritz chips, soft bake keebler cookies, and animal crackers) and showing off of projects.  One of the gals is now working on double pointed needles making mittens!  (for you non-knitters, double pointed needles to us newbies is like the first small mount everest to climb)  She is making these neon colored mittens and they so fit her and her personality.  Our teacher is the same old vivacious creature that she always is.  She even had time to start me off on a project (knitting stuffed cupcakes...they're so cute!  Don't judge me.).  We gossiped, we caught up, we smiled,  we sniffled, we drank pepsi and tea, and we talked.  

It was....great.  

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