Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer 2009

It's so hard to believe that summer is almost to a close! But recently I had the privilege to be invited over to a friend's house so my girls could go swimming with hers. Here was the fun day to be had by all!

Jude says, "I make these look good."

This would be Hayley, Hannah, and Sadie farting around before the actual "picture" was taken.

Okay, now that's better. Hayley, Hannah, and Sadie.

Jude doing her own version of swimming: In a bucket. LOL!

This is my babiest baby (who turned 2 yesterday) with a huge diaper butt wanting so badly to get in the big pool, but trying to play it oh so cool and acted like she didn't. We got her in there for a few minutes with Leanne, but she was enjoying her little bucket pool much much more.

The girls had a great time and I got way too much sun even though I slathered the girls with sunscreen on and off. Way to go, Mom. :P

It was a great and much needed afternoon away. Thanks again, girls!